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lindley Rust

charlotte+ steve


charlotte + steve were seeing a understated modern and elegant look for their wedding day. Design was focused on printing processes with letterpress and blind impressions of aspen leaves and well thought out typography throughout, emphasizing beautiful margins and white space. Their fall wedding was a reflection of the color choices focusing on that pop of yellow from the fall aspen leaves in jackson. 


2-ply save the date

cotton paper, flat printed, paired with canary yellow mailing envelope and custom mailing labels.

2-ply invitation

1 color letterpress + blind impression  and canary yellow edge painting

1-ply details insert

2 colors letterpress with canary yellow edge paint

1-ply rsvp insert 

2 color letterpress with canary yellow edge paint

rsvp envelope

pewter envelope with white foil mailing address

outer envelopes with vintage postage and hand calligraphy, lined with custom aspen tree liner

packaged in 1" hand dyed silk ribbon

day of

Folded A9 custom welcome letter

flat printed

folded monarch

ceremony program

flat printed

tented export cards

flat printed

tented place cards

flat prinTed

Custom a7 flat printed table numbers

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